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For just $18.75 , buy Mini Solar Fountain Water Pump Panel Kit for Garden Water Circulation Pond Fountain from the wholesale webshop online.

Product Description

Mini Solar Fountain Water Pump Panel Kit for Garden Water Circulation Pond Fountain
  • Widely used: For pools, fountains, fish tanks, etc.

  • Fast start-up: If there is no electricity, the pump will restart within 3 seconds when the sun reappears

  • Long life: >10000 hours

  • Sunny working hours: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

  • Solar panels and new brushless water pumps have the advantages of high efficiency and strong stability


  • Solar panel: 10V/5W, 275*175*20mm

  • Pump power: 10V2.5W

  • Water pump: 38*36*40mm

  • Outlet diameter: 8mm

  • Cable length: 2.5 meters

  • Maximum flow: 190L/h

  • Maximum spray height: 75cm (affected by sunlight)

  • Maximum lift: 1.8 meters


  • 1) Assemble the product according to the pictures.

  • 2) Place the solar panel in a suitable place to ensure that it is not blocked by other objects. When the solar panel receives sufficient light, the water pump works normally.

  • 3) When the water pump is just put into the water, there is air in it, which may affect the spray effect. It is recommended to wait for the water pump to spray normally before connecting the spray head.

  • 4) The water pump can be disassembled and cleaned regularly to extend the service life of the product.


  • 1. Solar energy, no battery, the height of water spray depends on the intensity of sunlight.

  • 2. Miniature water pump can not discharge sewage, please keep the water quality clean, and the water level should not be higher than the nozzle.

Package included:

  • 1 x Solar Pump Kit


Brand N/A
Retail Packaging No Package
Gross Weight 0.896kg
Volume Weight 0.766kg
Package Length 30.000cm
Package Width 19.000cm
Package Height 6.000cm
Package Weight 0.800kg
With Retail Packaging No

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