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For just $24.30 , buy HXSJ P8+V100+J900 One-handed Keyboard + 6400 DPI RGB Gaming Mouse + P8 Mobile Phone Adapter for Android from the wholesale webshop online.

Product Description

HXSJ P8+V100+J900 One-handed Keyboard + 6400 DPI RGB Gaming Mouse + P8 Mobile Phone Adapter for Android


  • Human body engineering design, comfortable grip, hollow design, more fashionable

  • 6 buttons ( programmable) 

  • 6 RGB lighting modes, can turn off the light 

  • 6-level adjustable DPI, Max. 6400 DPI 

  • USB plug and play

  • Support for Windows 2000 / XP / Win7 / Win8 /Win10 Vista 32bit iOS or latest 


  • Voltage rating / electric current: DC 5V / 100mA

  • Switch life: 20 million cycle 

  • Cable length: 150cm 

How to use:

  • Download the macro programming software through the website provided by the seller

  • After downloading, open it directly and use the buttons to customize programming

  • When the mouse is successfully connected and used normally, turn on the J900 macro programming software directly to use the macro programming function

  • Adopt professional game chip, using high-performance program control decoder chip for smooth motion and precise control

  • Button settings for the 1-6 button (as shown), the drive supports custom settings

  • DPI setting: default 1000/1600/2400/3200/4800/6400 the Six-segment DPI value can be any section

  • Light mode: RGB marquee effect, up to 6 lighting pattern designs, the light can be turned off

  • Mouse parameters: You can set the pointer precision, wheel speed and double click speed

  • Custom Settings: Custom macro editing that supports game effects

  • When the settings are complete, click Applications and then click Save Configuration. You should start the driver again the next time you use it so that you can use all customization's features


Interface Layout:

  • Mouse or keyboard USB 1 

  • Mouse or keyboard USB 2 

  • Power switch 

  • Mobile phone interface 

  • Power port 

Product Introduction: 

  • Wired interface: USB 

  • Keyboard and mouse interface: USB 

  • Number of interfaces: 4pcs 

  • Input voltage/current: 5V/2A 

  • Data cable length: 80cm 

  • Data cable interface: TYPE-C 

  • Adaptation system: Android 6 or above 

  • Switch mode: Ctrl+F3 (mapping BT mode (MediaTek); Ctrl+F4 (wired mode (non-MediaTek)) 

  • Mapping mode (MediaTek): LITE-A-xxx 

  • Wired mode (non-MediaTek): LITE-U-xxx 

  • LED light: BT mapping mode (MediaTek purple light); Wired mode (non-MediaTek red light) 

  • Connection protocol: BT mapping mode (MediaTek wireless BT transmission function); Wired mode (non-MediaTek wired USB transmission function) 

Switch Key Mode: 

  • Default plug-in automatic power on 

  • Click to shut down 

  • Click to turn on 

  • Long press for 5 seconds to reset BT 

Install The APP: 

  • Step 1: Scan QR code below to download "geekgamer" 

  • Step 2: Operate "geekgamer" 

  • Step 3: When open the "geekgamer" will ask to allow permission to get the floating window for the app to work properly click "allow" 

  • Step 4: Open the "Floating Windows" to allow 

  • Step 5: Enter the home page click+Add Game

  • Step 6: Select the game that you want to play from the list. For example "PUBG" click "Add''


  • V100 one-handed keyboard backlight color has a different color order, the specific light color is subject to the real thing, thank you for your cooperation

Light effect mode: 

  • Luminous characteristics: LED color backlight, more cool at night

  • The keyboard backlight function is controlled as follows: FN+ESC button for light switching off function

  • Can be configured into different kinds of language versions according to customer needs

  • The keyboard supports running on Win 2000, Win XP, Win ME, for Vista, Win7, Win8, Android, for Linux, for Apple and other operating systems

  • FN combination function Support multimedia function keys, the operation is as follows: 

  • FN+F1 button: music player 

  • FN+F2 key: volume decrements 

  • FN+F3 button: increased decrements 

  • FN+F4 button: mute 

  • FN+F5 key: pause 


  • Product model: V100 

  • Product interface: USB 2.0 

  • Press the number of keys: 35 keys 

  • Key life: 20 million times 

  • Product line length: 1.6m 

  • Flash ROM: 32 bytes 

  • EEPROM: Built-in 2K bytes 

  • Operating voltage: VDD = 3.3V – 5.5V 

  • Working current: 100mA 

  • Ambient temperature: – 40°C – + 85°C 

  • Programming temperature: 0°C – + 85°C 


If the keyboard does not work properly, check if the computer's for PS/2 or USB. Connector is normal or the keyboard cable is broken

Avoid using the mouse and keyboard in an environment with strong sunlight, overheating or severe dust 

Package included:

  • 1 x One-handed Keyboard
  • 1 x Mouse
  • 1 x Type-C Cable
  • 1 x Adapter
  • 1 x English and Chinese User Manual
  • Other items not included


Brand HXSJ
Retail Packaging White Paper Box
User Manual (Language) English and Chinese
Gross Weight 0.794kg
Volume Weight 0.883kg
Package Length 30.200cm
Package Width 29.000cm
Package Height 4.500cm
Package Weight 0.709kg
With Retail Packaging Yes


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