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Certificate CE, FCC, RoHS
Plug US Plug
Retail Packaging Colored Box
User Manual (Language) English and Chinese
Gross Weight 1.680kg
Volume Weight 1.523kg
Length 40.000cm
Width 17.000cm
Height 10.000cm
Weight 1.500kg
With Retail Packaging Yes

Product Description

Food Vacuum Portable Home Kitchen Automatic Packaging Sealing Machine – US Plug
  • Instant Sealing: Fast sealing, non-destructive single sealing, high efficiency heating belt up to 30 cm, strong sealing, some products, heating wire only 25 cm, affecting the scope of use. Quick double-click single sealing function, no need to start the vacuum pump, to achieve rapid sealing, a wide range of applications, can meet the needs of most plastic vacuum bags on the market

  • Easy to operate: Fully automatic and simple plug design, control center located on the top panel, soft touch digital buttons and LED lights are intelligent devices for your home service. Two sealing modes: Practical and real vacuum sealing system design has two alternative modes (wet and dry), according to the type of food you want to seal, to provide the best preservation of your food

  • The stop function can further control the vacuum pressure

  • The sealing function can seal the bag in 5-12 seconds without any noise

  • It also has automatic vacuum seal, which provides a simple and fast way to vacuum seal your favorite food. LAB test quality

  • This vacuum sealing machine can make fresh food eight times longer than zipper bags

  • This mainly depends on the type of food, avoiding frozen burns, reducing losses and spills

  • Helps to resist oxygen/antibiotics/moisture/freshness, lock in the color, taste and freshness of all perishable food

  • Vacuum sealing machine is safer and cleaner

  • There is almost no noise in the sealing process, which will not affect you and the people next to you

  • Our vacuum sealing machine is a popular choice for household use because it is relatively small, affordable and widely used

  • Food Sealer can seal fruits, grains, vegetables, cheese, bread, etc. to make your life healthier and more convenient

  • Note:

  • After packaging, it is better to let the product cool for 30 seconds before sealing the bag and remove excess liquid or food residue in the vacuum tank

  • Vacuum packaging machine and vacuum packaging machine are best used together. Some bags on the market may have some impact on vacuum packaging, or can not seal the mouth due to quality reasons


  • Width: 11.8 inch

  • Weight: 35.2 oz 

  • Size: 14.6 * 5.1 x 2.76 inch 

  • Material: Environmental Engineering ABS 

  • Rated Voltage: AC100-240V 

  • Vacuum + Sealing Time: 5-10 seconds

  • Single sealing time: 6-12 seconds

  • Main Functions: Vacuum + Seal (Semi-automatic and manual operation) 

  • Rated Frequency: 50-60Hz 

  • Vacuum Degree: -0.068Kpa 

  • Rated Power: 75-85W 

  • Pump: Brushless Pump Motor

  • Hot Wire: Nickel Chromium Electric Hot Wire 

Package included:

  • 1 x Vacuum Packaging Machine
  • 15 x Sealing Bag( Width 20cm, length 30cm )
  • 1 x Engish Manual

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