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For just $4.43 , buy ESSAGER 15m High Speed 1000Mbps Cat6 Gigabit Network Cable Ethernet Cable Cord for Computer – Round Wire from the wholesale webshop online.

Product Description

ESSAGER 15m High Speed 1000Mbps Cat6 Gigabit Network Cable Ethernet Cable Cord for Computer – Round Wire
  • Cat6 Gigabit network speed, fast and stable

  • The download speed of 1000Mbps high-speed transmission rate can reach 95Mbps (the above data comes from Essager laboratory, the test environment is Gigabit network + Gigabit router + Essager Gigabit network cable)

  • Use scene pictures: online office is easier, games are smoother and more exciting, watching movies and TV is not buffered

  • Suitable for a variety of devices: desktop computers, notebooks, TVs, routers, switches, TV set-top boxes

  • Fast network speed and good wire core are the key. Low resistance and fast conduction. Round wire is made of 26AWG copper clad aluminum; flat wire is made of 32AWG copper oxide

  • Stable network speed is the key. The twisted-pair + ten-frame structure design is adopted. The 8-core wire and 4 twisted pairs are tightly combined to reduce signal transmission loss. The ten-frame structure and 4 pairs of twisted-pair signals do not interfere with each other

  • Gold-plated contacts, oxidation resistance, network speed transmission is more powerful

  • PVC integrated molding process, bold SR, 3000+ bending test, no burst line, durable

  • Easily press, plugging and unplugging is more convenient, press test up to 25000+

  • Two choices of round/flat wire. The round shape is often used in daily office, Internet, home, and campus; the flat wire is often used in wiring decoration and hidden in the carpet and wall seams


  • Brand: Essager

  • Wire core material: round/copper-clad aluminum; flat wire/pure copper

  • Transmission rate: 1000Mbps

  • Transmission bandwidth: 250Hz

  • Wire gauge: round, flat wire/26AWG; flat wire/32AWG

  • Cable length: 15m

Package included:

  • 1 x Cat6 Gigabit Network Cable
  • Other items not included


Brand N/A
ColorStyle A
Retail Packaging Simple PP Bag
User Manual (Language) No User Manual
Gross Weight 0.482kg
Volume Weight 0.639kg
Package Length 31.000cm
Package Width 23.000cm
Package Height 4.000cm
Package Weight 0.430kg
With Retail Packaging No

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